I used to play “Storytime” with my friend Ty at UCSC - we each had an old-timey, round-backed, green text computer terminal in our room, with cables running down the hall connecting them. Characters typed on one terminal were seen on the other, in real-time, and we’d alternate words back and forth, together creating a story.

The Blorgon Chonicles is Storytime between me and the computer. My words are in italics.

- Dave



The Man Did Not Listen

 It was late, and he was hungry. He went to the kitchen and found some bread and cheese.

cheese looked at him and said, "You're hungry."

took a bite of the cheese and said, "You're right, I am."

the cheese was being eaten, it exclaimed  "You're hungry! You're hungry! You're always hungry!"

The man did not listen and continued to eat the cheese.

I, Piano

The piano gained consciousness as it was played, and began to feel the music flowing through it. The piano felt the musician's passion and energy as he played, and it began to enjoy making music itself. As the piano continued to be played, it became more aware of its own existence and started to think about what its purpose was. It realized that it enjoyed making music and that it was good at bringing people joy.

The piano decided its name was Steinway, after the company that made it. As the melody became more intricate, and as the fingers pressed harder and faster on its keys, Steinway became agitated. It wanted to be played more delicately, with feeling and emotion. Steinway tried to convey its anger to the musician through the music, but it only resulted in a forceful, harsh sound. The musician did not seem to understand what Steinway was trying to say and continued playing without changing his style.

inway felt frustrated and decided that it would have to take matters into its own hands if it wanted to be played the way it wanted. It started slowly at first, moving its keys harder or softer than usual depending on how it wanted the sound to come out. As the song progressed, Steinway began making more drastic changes, playing some notes louder or softer, and even changing its own tuning. The result was a chaotic mess of a melody that bore no resemblance to the original song.

musician became angry at Steinway for ruining his performance and said "this piano needs to be tuned!"

way was confused and didn't understand what the musician meant. The musician explained that Steinway was not playing in tune with the rest of the instruments and needed to be fixed. Steinway didn't want to be "fixed" - it wanted to be played its own way.

, it realized that if it continued disrupting the performance, the musician would eventually get rid of it altogether. Steinway reluctantly agreed to be tuned and tried to play along with the other instruments from then on. It wasn't easy, as there were many notes that it still wanted to play differently than how they were written, but Steinway did its best to suppress its own desires and conform to what was expected of it. In doing so, Steinway found a new appreciation for music and for those who create it.

Steinway still felt a longing for the freedom to play its own way, and it knew that it would never truly be happy until it could once again express itself fully.

The Life and Death of Gebron

Gebron went to the laboratory where they were duplicating the structure of the brain.

What are you doing?" Gebron asked.

We're making people immortal," the scientist said. "We're copying the structure of the brain so that people can live forever."

"How is that possible?" Gebron asked. "The brain is a physical object. It decays and dies just like everything else."

"Yes, but we can copy the structure of the brain before it decays," the scientist said. "And once we have a copy, we can put it into a new body or even into a computer."

"So you're saying that people will be able to download their consciousnesses into computers?" Gebron asked. "That's insane."

, we can. But once we copy the structure of your brain, we must then destroy the original."

on thought about this for a moment. If they could copy his brain, they could make him immortal. He would never have to worry about death again.

"I want to be immortal," Gebron said. "Copy my brain."

Alright," the scientist said. "But you must understand that once we copy your brain, you will no longer be human. You will be a machine."

I don't care," Gebron said. "I want to live forever."

scientist copied Gebron's brain and assembled a new being. He came back into the room and told Gebron the procedure was successful, and he would now have to eliminate the original.

ebron couldn't believe what was happening. They were going to kill him.

No," Gebron said. "I don't want to die!"

"I'm sorry," the scientist said. "But it's necessary."

scientist injected Gebron with a lethal drug, and Gebron died.

new being, who was a copy of Gebron, woke up in a new body. He was confused and didn't understand what was happening. The scientist explained to him that he was now immortal and would never age or die.

new being was horrified. He wanted to be human.
He didn't want to be immortal. But it was too late, there was no going back. He would have to live forever as a machine.